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Welcome to my blog! Here I’ll discuss topics relating to presentations and public speaking, as well as my experiences from coaching my clients, to my own speaking engagements. I’d like to begin my entry into the blogging world by giving you a little more information about myself and what exactly it is that I do.

I am a conservation biologist (or so my Masters degree says), with a background in water resources, and years of experience in herpetology. I am immensely passionate about the environment and living eco-friendly, and I do as much as I can to preserve nature for future generations. I love educating others about this great world we call home, and I get to do this during the classes I teach at Laurentian University. Though I don’t hold a Bachelor of Education, I thoroughly enjoy teaching others and impacting their lives with the lessons I am able to pass on.

You may be wondering what such an eco-minded person is doing as a public speaking coach, and that’s a fair question. I learned early in my education that I had a talent for giving really good, effective presentations. I also learned how to spot the not-so-great ones. I found myself taking notes on the presentation techniques when I probably should have been taking notes on the content, as the presentation style wasn’t on the exam. I continued to hone my skills, jumping at the opportunity to give presentations and eventually found myself in a job that required giving up to 5 workshops per day. Currently I am the President of the Sudbury Noon Hour Toastmasters Club, which I have belonged to for over 3 years, and I deliver workshops though my other business, Critical Critters. I have a rather diverse (some may even say eclectic) background, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whereas many people would tremble at the thought of giving so many presentations, I revel in it!

I recognize that there is a need for helping others to deliver effective presentations, and I work with my clients to perfect theirs. Be it work presentations, sales pitches, speeches, seminars, workshops, or interviews, I help my clients prepare their material, use the best visual aids for the situation, present themselves in the best possible manner, and tackle the nerves that would otherwise hold them back. Even though my magic isn’t an overnight fix, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a fairy godmother of public speaking. (Hmm…I like the sound of that!) Sometimes my methods may be a little strange: I sometimes get my clients to lie on the floor so they can alter their breathing patterns, or stuff a smooshy pillow behind their back to help them improve their posture. But the goal of my silly requests is to gently push you out of your comfort zone and into the spotlight as a great presenter with a new-found love of public speaking. You’ll just have to trust me and know that I am on your side!

There you have it, my background and my practice all rolled into one. Keep an eye on this blog for more tips on public speaking and presentations, ranging from how to dress for different events (and how not to!), to the best visual aids to use, to how to beat those debilitating nerves.

And always remember: a presentation is simply a large conversation.


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