My services can help absolutely anyone to improve their presentation skills.  Whether you have a formal presentation to give for work or school, you have to give a speech at an event such as a wedding, or you just want some tips to improve your future presentations, I can help you!  Every new client begins with a complementary 30 minute consultation to determine the client's needs and the best course of action.  After that, meetings with individual clients can be scheduled wherever you like - at your home or office, at one of my workspaces, or even at a coffee shop, if that's where you're comfortable.
As a business, you need your staff to be skilled in their respective fields, but also to be able to communicate information effectively to others.  Group workshops and seminars are available for businesses that wish to increase their team of highly skilled presenters.  One-hour seminars are available, offering tips and tools for improving presentations, as well as half- and full-day workshops that allow your staff to practice as they learn.  Workshops can be customized to your needs - contact me for details.

Prices vary depending on your needs.  In the meantime, feel free to contact me to discuss your coaching needs.

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